Yahu Rock Blackwell Net Worth: An Athlete From Baltimore

Yahu Blackwell is a 34-year-old professional boxer. He owns a record of 15-0 in the International Boxing League. The famous American boxer hails from Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States of America.

Yahu Rock Blackwell Early Life

Yahu Rock Blackwell Net Worth: An Athlete From Baltimore 3

Rock Blackwell was born on November 22, 1986, in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. Blackwell comes from Nigerian Descent and believes in Judaism. He started boxing at the early age of seven. Besides being a professional cruiserweight, Blackwell is even a businessman. Also, Blackwell was a former police officer and was even arrested during his teen days. He was born to his mother, Late Sandra Blackwell, and father, Dwayne.

Rodney Kenion, a county police officer of Baltimore, introduced boxing to Blackwell. He took Blackwell to the Mack Lewis Boxing Gym in East Baltimore secretly and without acknowledging his family or friends. It was only after he won a trophy in boxing as a teenager that his mother knew about his dream. However, his mother wasn’t happy because of the path Blackwell was walking; therefore, she attempted to put a full stop on his violent pursuit.

Five years later, Blackwell was found handcuffed after seeing his friends in a car loaded with guns.

Yahu Rock Blackwell Net Worth

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The estimated Net worth of Blackwell is $5 Million.

Yahu Rock Blackwell Career

The boxer has an incredible career record of 156-28, an amateur record. The South Atlantic Championship winner has made innumerable records. He won the title of WBU America and WBU Intercontinental title in the year 2014. He even later earned a top ten ranking within the WBU organization. In a match of 2017, Blackwell knocked out Alvaro Vasquez in the first round itself.

Yahu Rock Blackwell Net Worth: An Athlete From Baltimore 7

In total, the boxer has a record of 15-0 in the IBL, along with twelve knockouts. Floyd Mayweather, SrFreddie Roach, and Roger Mayweather are a few of the boxers from whom Blackwell has received training. He has even trained with Roberta Jalnaiz.

Presently, the sportsman is undergoing training for his upcoming fight. Blackwell’s day starts with a two-mile run, and he has a strict diet to maintain his physique in order to rise and shine.

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